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The heat pump system made for the fossil boiler replacement


Most of the existing buildings are heated by fossil fuel boilers. Mostly, radiators are used to transfer heat to the rooms, that’s why higher flow temperatures are needed.

Furthermore our economy have to switch even faster to renewable heating systems while the installing capacity is not growing fast enough.

This was done in this 90 year old house, which was heated by a gas boiler.



Dimplex has come up with a heat pump system specifically made for the replacement of fossil boilers. In the smallest possible space, the system provides ready-to-use system hydraulics, including buffer- and 300-litre hot water storage tank. Thanks to the “plug and play” logic, installation can be carried out quickly and safely, even by inexperienced installers.

Further help for quick installation: By simply scanning QR codes on the products and functionally necessary accessories directly on site, the installation is explained step by step as self-explanatory video instructions. Optimised documentation facilitates the work of the installer.

Due to the diverse conditions in existing systems, System E Comfort is offered with a variety of optional system extensions. Among the numerous technical features, a ready-to-install set is offered for the addition of a further heating circuit, or a set for the integration of existing boilers or solar thermal systems.

This allows existing components to be integrated efficiently and quickly into the new heating system. In addition, further installation aids, such as a wall duct and floor console, are available. Start-up is carried out intuitively on the 4.3 inch touch display. With the EasyOn start-up assistant, the specialist is guided step-by-step to the optimum heating setting.

With the natural refrigerant R290 and the avoidance of unnecessary plastic coverings, System E is a high-quality sustainable product.


Key Metrics:

System E is predestined for the renovation and modernisation market. Thanks to the highest efficiency values with an A+++ rating, even in operation with flow temperatures of up to 55°C using radiators.



The exchange from the existing gas boiler to the new System E heat pump was done in two days.

The high quality of the components used guarantees many years of sustainable and quiet operation. Dimplex guarantees this with a maximum warranty period of 10 years.

We already expected to improve in terms of energy and costs, but we were surprised by these great results! And the great thing is that you never hear the heat pump, even though it is so efficient.

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