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What is the problem or challenge that your company/organisation is trying to solve?

Romande Energie is the leading utility in western Switzerland. Their goal is to increase the deployment of high-value solar PV deals across Switzerland. Their challenge was to scale their analysis processes from 100’000 roofs to over 2 million in order to cover national territory. They wanted to overcome fierce competition in the sector, by saving time in recurring screening processes, and gaining visibility on current blindspots on critical attributes to qualify roof potential.


How has your company/organisation solved that problem or challenge? Is there a particularly compelling project or customer story?

Before using Urbio, solar prospection involved a lot of manual effort: collecting building attributes from spreadsheets, measuring roof areas on Google Maps, guessing roof material from photos, etc.

With Urbio, the Romande Energie solar team was able to fully automate their process, saving hours of work, and letting them focus their commercial efforts on the best deals.


What are some key metrics that measure the success, impact, results of your solution?

  • 98% reduced time to produce a shortlist of pre-qualified leads from 1 day to 5 minutes
  • Better pre-qualification of rooftops thanks to more building attributes (5 instead of 1)
  • 10% better response rate in sales contacts through better qualification by (expected +10% deals closed)
  • +400 cities analysed in 2022 through better speed and spatial coverage by Urbio
  • 4 commercial use cases analysed simultaneously instead of 1


How long did the implementation, deployment, realisation take?

  • Urbio is a SaaS platform and does not require any installation or deployment: data and models are readily available for users to immediately start working. Optionally, users can easily import their own data via an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Users are fully operational on the platform in under 2 hours: all onboarding material is available as multiple short media sessions.

"I always use Urbio instead of other tools because it is extremely user-friendly, interactive and gets the job done. Most importantly, the pre-qualified list of buildings is more reliable than before, and compiled in only seconds."

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