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What is the problem or challenge that your company/organisation is trying to solve?

BG wants to address the recent surge in requests from municipalities in the context of energy transition and crisis.

Today, gathering the key insights for preliminary municipal energy plan takes around 10 days, mainly because the process requires starting from scratch in every new city.

The main challenges they encounter are:

  • Inefficient process for gathering accurate data over a perimeter
  • Tedious combination of spreadsheets and GIS tools
  • Inadequate macro analysis makes it hard to deliver actionable solutions to implement now


How has your company/organisation solved that problem or challenge? Is there a particularly compelling project or customer story?

With Urbio, gathering and visualising data was made easy and transparent, while generating new scenarios took the engineers only a few clicks, providing a scalable solution to the municipality’s most urgent needs.


What are some key metrics that measure the success, impact, results of your solution?

  • 20x Increase in speed to conduct the first steps of an energy planning analysis
  • All-in-one platform allows dynamic calculation and synchronised visualisation with modern and beautiful GIS maps
  • Accuracy guaranteed by relying on certified industry norms and enhanced through the use of ML and energy models
  • 100% traceability of adopted data sources used in the projects
  • Actionable solutions defined down to the building scale


How long did the implementation, deployment, realisation take?

  • Urbio is a SaaS platform and does not require any installation or deployment: data and models are readily available for users to immediately start working. Optionally, users can easily import their own data via an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Users are fully operational on the platform in under 2 hours: all onboarding material is available as multiple short media sessions.

"Our team uses Urbio to conduct preliminary heat and energy planning for cities and municipalities in Switzerland. Among others, Urbio helps us quickly gather data which is usually very tedious to collect."

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